August 18, 2010


Nara has been celebrating the 1300 year anniversary after establishing the old capital there. Since its preparation, the new unique character, SENTO-KUN has been arousing much controversy. Well, its shocking first impression now got used to be seen.

On the other hand, some people doesn't like to have such an anime-like character appeared in this holly site of Koyasan but KOYA-KUN is getting more and more popular. There are many stationaries, T-shirt, keychains, cell phone straps and so on. Well, Mikkyo, the esoteric Buddhism has many different Buddhas and its teaching is how happy the Buddhas' world is. Buddhas, Boddhisattva, Deities with many different appearance exist there. Why not KOYA-KUN? He looks quite popular among Japanese visiting here. You can see him at KONGOBUJI, the head temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism every Sunday. (KQ)

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