June 1, 2011

June Event

Rainy season has just started.
It came more than 2 weeks earlier than usual.
In Koyasan, the greens are most beautiful in June and Kobo Daishi, Kukai was born in this beautiful season.

June 2 and 3
The Summer Prayer Ritual at Sannoin (at Garan) is to be held.
The main Buddha of Nan-in Temple left Nan-in around 8:15 in the morning and is moved to Sannoin. The procession which is followed by many worshippers is going to Sannoin (on June 2). The rituals are held at Sannoin from 9:00 on June 2nd and 3rd.


June 4
From 18:00, Sannoin Rissei Ritual is to be held at Sannoin.

June 14
Aoba Matsuri Festival to celebrate Kobo Daishi's birthday is to be held on June 15. On the eve of the day, around 18:00, you can see huge paper-made objects which are lit from inside by lantern on the streets of the town.

June 15
From 9:00 the celebrating ritual is held at Daishi Kyokai.
From 12:00, the parades for Wakayama Police Marching Band, local elementary school kids' drum and fife band, the floats enshrined Kobo Daishi in his infancy.


(By KQ)

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