August 4, 2011


August 13th

① Kongobuji & Garan tour for one hour.
Tours start every 30 minutes from 9:00 to 14:30
② Okunoin tour for two hours.
Tours start 9:30 13:30

*Meet at VIC ( the Visitor Information Center),
in the Daishi Kyokai building

Phone: 0736-56-2270 / 090-3263-5184

( Okunoin Manto-kuyo-e)
19:00 Opening Ceremony at Ichi-no-hashi
19:00 Candles can be given for free at Okunoin
20:00 Magnificent ceremony at Lantern Hall in Okunoin

**=*=*= NOTICE =*=*=*
1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the holy site of Okunoin,
including the approaches to the Kobo Daishi’s Mausoleum.

2. Please refrain from wearing temple-issued Yukata, or nightwear,
on entering the holy site of Okunoin.

3. Place the lighted candles on the aluminum foils along the approach.

4. The last bus bound for Koyasan Station leaves Okunoin-mae at 9:10,
which connects to the last cable car.

5. The last cable car leaves Koyasan Station at 9:40,
which connects to the last train bound for Namba Osaka.

! Don’t miss the last bus and the last train to Namba, Osaka!