May 26, 2010

Wednesday Tour

Wednesday, April 28, 2010      Sunny

Every Wednesday from April to October, KCCN (Koyasan Cross-cultural Communication Network) provides "WEDNESDAY TOUR." This tour covers the three main places in Koyasan.  Take part in the WEDNESDY TOUR and get interesting information that you won't find in any guidebook. English guides are so kind and friendly. They are  glad to advice you how to spend your time in the town. You don't have to make a reservation, however, in the case of possible cancellation, it would be appreciated if you could confirm this Wednesday Tour with KCCN in advance by e-mail or phone.  ( e-mail:   phone: 090-1486-2588)
 There are two courses:
Course A: 8:30 ~ 11:30    Meet at Ichinohashi bridge at 8:30,  and visit Okunoin, Garan and Kongobuji.
Course B: 13:00 ~ 15:30  Meet at the entrance of Kongobuji at 13:00, and visit Kongobuji, Garan and Okunoin.

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