May 27, 2010

KUMAGAISO-The Lady's Slipper

May 17, 2010,  Sunny

Finally spring has come to Koyasan.  Various flowers started to bloom following cherry blossoms, like rhododendron, wisteria, lady's slipper and so on.  These are lady's slippers, KUMAGAISO in Japanese.  This flower is named after the samurai, Kumagai Naozane who carrying a big cloth on his back on his horse during the battle.  The cloth billows like a baloon on his back and prevent enemy's arrows piercing him.  The shape of this flower is very unique but they are an endangered species and are seldom seen in the mountains now.  Some of Koyasan temples protect and grow them carefully.  I think these flowers look like air bags of the car rather than slippers.  KQ

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