June 5, 2012

[International Event in Kudoyama and Koyasan, 2012]

4th through 6th May, International Event was held in Kudoyama and Koyasan to promote mutual understandings between Japanese and foreigners living in Japan.

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 On the first day,
"Speech & Performance" was held in Kudoyama.The nine speakers from eight different countries talked about the differences between their own cultures and the Japanese. They made speeches in fluent Japanese. It was a great help for the audience to understand them, also it brought them all the closer to each other. After the speech, we were fascinated by the beauty of the authentic performances; Traditional Indian Music, Opera duet, Chinese Biwa and Korean Dancing.  The performances were dynamic and elegant, and more than impressive. Here again, I'd like to express my gratitude to all of the participants including Shiide-Onimai, the demon dancing performed by the local people as an opening attraction.

The next day, fifteen foreign residents took part in the procession of the traditional Samurai Parade, SANADA MATSURI.

After the parade, we went to Koyasan to stay in a Buddhist temple. Having meditation, enjoying vegetarian cuisine, having a lecture about Buddhism, making Juzu beads, joining in the morning service early in the morning, and walking tour. Needless to say, all of the experiences in Koyasan are the perfect lesson to introduce Japanese culture, I believe. I hope this program will be a help to enrich cross-cultural communication.

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Here are some of the reports from the participants of the event.

Report from  Arifin Zainal
First of all, I would like to gratitude KCCN for providing the three days remarkable activity. This was the first time I experienced the Japanese culture in such a close distance.
The Primary places of whole schedule can be concluded into Kudoyama  Presentation and Show, Sanada Residence Sightseeing, Kudokawa Host Family Domicile, Sanada Festival Parade, and Koyasan Buddhist Life Observe.
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Report form Didy Kupanhy

Report from Angelica Lim

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