December 29, 2013

The International Event in Koyasan 2013

  The International Event in Koyasan 2013 was held on November 15th-17th.
This event was organized by KCCN in order to promote mutual understandings and cross-cultural communications between Japanese and foreign residents in Japan. It was our great pleasure to have ten excellent speakers and three wonderful musicians for this event. After all, the event has achieved a remarkable success with a lot of positive messages from the audience. With the help of so many people dealing with the international exchange programs, the event went off very well. I deeply appreciate your kind supports and cooperation.

15th November 
Meet at a temple == Visit Daishi Kyokai for the religious ritual, “Ojukai” == Visit Kongobuji & Garan.

Making Juzu (prayer’s beads) was one of the unique programs taking us to a journey to ourselves. The process was very simple, however, it was a precious moment to reflect on our life – past and future, of course bright future, I hope.

16th November
“Speech & Performance” was held at “Reimei-kan,” the auditorium in the Koyasan University.  The program consists of two parts: Japanese speech and Musical performance.


*Opening: The hall was echoed with the solemnly sound of Buddhist chant called “Shomyo,” which is a style of Japanese Buddhist chant, used mainly in the Buddhist ceremonies. Ten Budhsit monks performed the one that Kukai had brought to Japan from China in 806. 

*The first stage: Each one of the ten speakers from eight different countries (America, Brazil, China, Germany, Korea, Philippine, Spain, Sweden) made a speech in Japanese. They are foreign residents living in Japan. Some have been in Japan for more than ten years, some have just come to Japan two months ago.  Regardless of nationality and career, their messages were impressive enough to move the audience.

◆Here are some comments from the Japanese speakers. 

①    My Treasure. What I cherish the most.
Aron Freidus (America)

 I would first like to sincerely thank you and all the members of KCCN for the wonderful event on Saturday that you all clearly worked so hard to prepare. I hope that myself and the other speakers were not too much of a burden.
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② A Trip to Koyasan
   Jofferson Gonzales (Philippine)

Located in Wakayama, Japan, Koya-san is the place for he who loves Buddhist temples and beautiful scenery. I was there and I loved it.
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③ Report on my stay at Koyasan
Heiko Lang (Germany)

 I was generously invited by the KCCN to Koyasan, in order to deliver a speech at the symposium “What I wish to share – my treasure”.   →Read more

④ My Treasure. What I cherish the most.
Paula  (Spain)

 This year's Koyasan Speech Forum topic was My Treasure. 
What I cherish the most.     →Read more

⑤ My Treasure. What I cherish the most.
  Pohl Marcus (Germany)

 First of all, I have to thank you so much. When I left Koya-San I really was ashamed of all the good impressions you gave me just for so little amount of work I had to put in. I was overwhelmed of so much hospitality and I think, this is a main aspect of Japanese culture, because I got such experiences also from other Japanese people.     →Read more

⑥ My Treasure. What I cherish the most.


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*The second stage: Three musicians performed respectively.
Alpa by Ms. Maruta, Chinese Biwa by Ms. En Yoh, and Hammer Dulcimer by Mr.Daisuke Inaoka. They not only performed the traditional musical instruments, but also explained about the origins of the instruments.
Finally, we were fascinated by beautiful ensemble of the three. 

◆Alpa (Paraguai harp) by Ms. Etsuko Maruta.
◆Chinese Biwa(Lute) by Ms. En Yoh.
◆Hammer Dulcimer (the original form of the piano today) by Mr. Daisuke Inaoka.

17th November:

We left the temple early in the morning to go on a field trip to the forest. By way of Okunoin, we proceeded to the forest. It was a great experience for us to have a meditation practice in the forest. Listening to the birds and leaves trembling in the wind, the fresh air helped us refresh our body and mind.

(Afterword) Filing the documents, every comment I read encouraged me a lot. I really appreciate you all. I hope this event develop into the annual event in Koyasan.   I wish you good luck and a happy new year.

With a lot of love,
Noriko M.

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