July 1, 2010

Cleaning Up for Aoba Matsuri

 Sunny, June  6, 2010

Kobo Daishi's birthday is coming soon and entire Koyasan celebrates this day gorgeously.  The students from Senshugakuin, the practitioners' school in Koyasan volunteer for cleaning many places in Koyasan.  They are moving running with their cleaning tools.  They also made clear lines in front of HENJODEN, well I heard someone said leeking or reeking, but sorry I don't remeber the word.  Oh, how I feel like running over it.  No, we are afraid of doing that. 
Anyway, they concentrate cleaning for exactly 30 minutes which were timed up by their seniors and gone like a typhoon.   But gallery including our VIC didn't seem to be on their cleaning list.  And guess what, how do visitors hesitate to step on there, I wonder.  But nobody cared.  Well, actually, the students weren't gone but they chanted for another an hour at HENJODEN and beautiful chanting could be heard all over Daishi Kyokai building like a early summer breeze.   (KQ) 

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