July 9, 2010

Friday, July 9th, Rainy ( reported by KQ)

It has been raining since this morning. It is natural to have a lot of rain in TSUYU, the rainy season in Japan. But the terrible disaster of heavy rain struck some places in Japan, like flood, mud flood, and land slide. These days, unexpected guerrilla shower suddenly attack partly in some local narrow area. Koyasan is in the mountain and some unexpected shower with the crash of thunder and lightning hit the area in summer. If the weather warning for the thunderbolt is announced, you can't enter OKUNOIN, the approach surrounded by skyscraper Japanese cedars because the thunderbolt may strike the trees. We don't see thundercloud around today but it maybe good to stay inside and stay in peace with copying sutra, or just sitting inside of the temple, reflecting yourself to nature. Buddhist monks have convention that they get together and seek the teaching more deeply at this time of the
year. Why don't you try that too? And still you'd love to wandering around, please do be careful where you walk. At GARAN, the core temple complex, the ground becomes very muddy and the approach of OKUNOIN becomes slippery.
Well, the rain gets heavier in the afternoon but the temperature doesn't go up to 17 degrees Celcius.  You can feel the cool air in Koyasan today. 

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