July 1, 2010

Special Summer Prayer in SANNNOIN

Saturday, June 12 , Sunny

Today is May 1 on lunar calendar. On lunar May 1st and the 2nd, Special
Summer Prayer is held at SANNOIN, the present worship hall for MIYASHIRO,
the shrine at GARAN. The NAMIKIRI-FUDO Deity which used to be the main
deity of SANNOIN returns to its old home for 2 days. The NAMIKIRI-FUDO is said to be sculpted by KOBO DAISHI on his way back from China. The party had a terrible storm in the ocean and that NAMIKIRI-FUDO cut the furious ocean and let KOBO DAISHI's sailboat go safely.
Anyway, this ritual used to be one of the seasonal rituals but today, only the summer one last and has been kept one of Koyasan's traditional ritual to pray for world peace, happiness and rich harvest. It tells that summer is coming soon to Koyasan in a cool breeze.
(^-^) by KQ

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