July 28, 2010

Wed., July 28 Cloudy/Sunny

  When the guests came from the bustling cities in Japan, they can feel relaxed in the cool breeze in the mountain.  The weather forecast said it would rain in the late afternoon but it gets so sunny now.  Even the sun shines strongly, once you escape into the shade, it is cooler.  Inside of the temple or under the shade of skyscraper cedar trees at Okunoin, cooler breeze blow all around you.  Well, the only problem is mosquitos in Okunoin.   Our guide is always preparing mosquito repellent but when you visit there by yourselves, I recommend you to prepare for mosquitos.  Today we have 2 people from England who arrived at Koyasan yesterday and 2 people from Switzerland who just arrived an hour ago.   Hope they would have a great time in Koyasan.   By KQ

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